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Who are the remaining survivor contestants? Below is a list of who's left on the Survivor island.
(as of 5/16/2019)

That's it! Votes are in and the winner of Survivor: Edge of Extinction was Chris Underwood after fighting back to the main island after spending a month on Extinction Island

Survivor: Edge of Extinction is the 38th season of the American competitive reality television series Survivor, that airs on CBS. The season features 14 new contestants competing with four returning players. The season premiered on February 20, 2019. It was the seventh season to be filmed in Fiji, and marks the 12th season to feature returning players.

This season introduced the Edge of Extinction, a desolate, abandoned beach with less amenities than the main island, where voted out players resided for a chance to return to the game. Upon being voted out, players were given the opportunity to exit the game permanently or to take a boat to the Edge of Extinction, and were given the opportunity to leave Edge of Extinction at any point by raising a sail, represented as a white flag.

Who was voted off and was on the Jury for Survivor Season: 38 - Edge of Extinction

Who's been voted off and has left Extinction Island? Survivor Season: 38 - Edge of Extinction

This website was designed and created for the sole purpose of letting people know quickly and easily who is left on the Survivor TV show. After several searches on Google I found there wasn't an easy way to tell which contestants on survivor still remained on the island! So I took it upon myself to create one.

I'm not trying to undermine CBS, I love the show Survivor, it's just that there was no fast and simple way to find out who is gone from the Survivor Island and who is not.

Recap Episode 12

Reward challenge: Each castaway must shoot two balls into an overhead track and navigate through tripwires to catch the ball before it hits the ground. Then they must dig their way under a log before attempting to land the balls on top of a narrow perch. The first castaway to land their two balls on their perch wins a helicopter tour over Fiji, followed by a feast at a luxury pool resort.

Gavin won and chose Lauren and Victoria to join him. This made Aurora feel like she was fourth in her alliance with them. While on reward, Lauren considered keeping Julie, perceiving her to be easier to beat in the end. At camp, Rick searched for, and found, another idol.

Immunity challenge: The castaways must slide lettered-discs through a slot, and then transport them over balance beams using two handles. After they had all their tiles, they must use them to solve a word puzzle. The first person to solve the puzzle wins immunity.

Rick won immunity. Lauren attempted to get Gavin on board with voting out Aurora over Julie, but Gavin wouldn't commit without Victoria. At Tribal Council, Rick revealed his idol and said he would play it for Julie in an attempt to get the others to flip. When the vote came, he kept his idol, and the rest of the tribe voted out Aurora, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 11

After Tribal Council, Rick confronted Ron for lying to him about the plan against Wardog; to repair their relationship, Ron gave Rick the Advantage Menu he found during the marooning but, unbeknownst to Rick, it had long-expired. At the reward challenge, the players were joined by their loved ones: Rick's wife Becca, Julie's husband Mark, Lauren's father Joey, Ron's husband Lloyd, Victoria's father Roch, Aurora's brother Shane and Gavin's wife Carly.

Reward challenge: The castaways retrieved ocean water with a bucket and then tossed it to their loved one, who used another bucket to catch the water and pour it into a third bucket attached to a see saw. The first pair to tip their see saw won a picnic.

Ron and Lloyd won the challenge, and chose to share the picnic with Gavin, Julie and their loved ones. Knowing he was in danger, Rick searched for a hidden immunity idol; Aurora searched through his bag, but was caught when Rick returned to camp. Rick continued his search and found a clue that told him the idol was hidden in a tree above the tribe's shelter; he retrieved it that night while his tribemates slept.

Immunity challenge: The castaways stood on footrests against two walls, bracing themselves with armrests; the last castaway standing won immunity.

Gavin won immunity. With the tribe united against Rick, the others made contingency plans in case Rick played an idol. Julie and Ron told Rick to vote Aurora, and assured him that the Advantage Menu was real. Aurora, Gavin, Lauren and Victoria planned to split their votes between Rick and Ron, as the perceived next-biggest threat. As it was the last night Aurora could play her extra vote, she gave it to Gavin to ensure that it remained in play throughout a tiebreaker due to his immunity, though Gavin debated betraying Ron after he shared the loved ones reward with him. At Tribal Council, Rick tried to use the Advantage Menu, but was informed it was expired. He berated Ron and Julie for trying to embarrass him before playing his idol on himself, negating the four votes against him. Rick had voted against Aurora, but Gavin (voting twice) and Lauren voted against Ron, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 10

After Tribal Council, Gavin confronted Wardog about being excluded from the plan to blindside Kelley, prompting Gavin to target Wardog. Rick proposed an alliance with Ron and Wardog as the biggest remaining threats to take out lesser targets, while Ron and Julie reconciled after voting separately.

Reward challenge: Divided into two teams of four, two members of each team swam to a platform, where they pulled themselves under and untied a set of rings. They brought the rings to a second platform, where the remaining two team members tossed the rings onto three floating pegs. The first team to land all three rings won a trip to the Sabeto mud pits and a feast.

Julie, Lauren, Rick, and Wardog won the challenge. While on the reward trip, Julie and Lauren considered working together against Wardog. At camp, Ron gave the extra vote back to Aurora, but they disagreed over rice rations, while Victoria and Gavin discussed with them about voting out Rick before Wardog.

Immunity challenge: Castaways raced over a series of frames while holding a buoy. They maneuvered a second buoy through a rope tunnel, then untied a third buoy and crawled under a net. They used the keys attached to the buoys to unlock their puzzle pieces. The first person to finish their star puzzle won immunity.

Rick won immunity, thwarting the majority's plan. Gavin began to rally votes against Wardog, who discussed targeting Aurora with Julie, Rick and Ron. At Tribal Council, Rick and Wardog voted for Aurora, but everyone else voted out Wardog, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 9

After Julia's elimination, Wardog created a new majority alliance with Gavin, Julie, Lauren, Kelley and Ron, targeting Aurora. Before the immunity challenge, the castaways were given the opportunity to sit out of the challenge in exchange for pizza; Lauren, Kelley, Victoria and Ron took the offer.

Immunity challenge: Castaways squatted over an urn of water above a fire. If they stood too high, their urn would extinguish their fire, while if they dropped too low, a flag would release; both eliminated them from the challenge. The last castaway remaining won immunity.

Aurora outlasted David to win the challenge. With Aurora immune, Wardog's alliance decided to target David instead. David and Rick decided to target the tight alliance of Kelley, Lauren and Wardog, and tried to recruit Aurora, Julie, Victoria and Ron. Julie and Ron found themselves in the middle; David and Rick voted for Wardog, but everyone else voted out David, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

At the Edge, the castaways were given another clue. David deciphered the clue and found an advantage in the next immunity challenge, to be given to a remaining player; he chose Rick.

Immunity challenge: Castaways navigated balls down a dimpled paddle; the first to get all five of their balls in the dimples won immunity.

Rick's advantage gave him only four balls to secure instead of five, and he won the challenge. While Wardog's alliance initially planned to go through on their earlier plan to target Aurora, Wardog decided to betray Kelley for being the last returning player remaining, recruiting Aurora, Rick, Ron and Victoria. To try and secure Ron's loyalty, Aurora gave him her extra vote. At Tribal Council, Wardog's new plan held strong and Kelley was blindsided; she went to the Edge of Extinction, where she told the others about her and Lauren's idols.

Recap Episode 8

After they were left out of Eric's blindside, Julie and Ron attempted to reintegrate with their Kama alliance. Gavin aimed to team up his alliance with Julia and Victoria with Kelley, Lauren and Wardog, targeting David, but Julia was unsure about aligning with another tight trio. David and Rick reconciled and realigned with Julie and Ron.

Immunity challenge: The castaways balanced a ball on a wooden bow while standing on a slanted, increasingly narrow beam, moving farther down as the challenge progressed; if they or the ball fell, they were eliminated. The last castaway remaining won immunity.

Gavin outlasted David to win the challenge. Kelley's alliance tried to change the target from David to Ron, prompting Julia to try and reunite the Kama alliance and target Kelley, which frustrated Gavin. The Kama alliance's quiet behavior alarmed David and Kelley's alliances; their fears were further exacerbated by Julia and Aurora's comments at Tribal Council, prompting them to begin forming a new plan on the spot, resulting in a lengthy, chaotic series of discussions in which David and Kelley's alliances teamed up to target Aurora or Julia, and a frustrated Julie stormed out of Kama deliberations. Ultimately, David gave his half of the hidden immunity idol to Rick, who played the full idol on David, negating Aurora's vote against him; Julia voted against Kelley, while the rest of the tribe voted against Julia, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 7

After Joe was eliminated by the Kama Six, Aurora — the lone Kama outsider and Joe's closest ally — lamented their betrayal, but considered sticking with the Kama Six as long as they had power. The alliance of Kelley, Lauren and Wardog plotted to align with Aurora and former Manu allies David and Rick to force a tie, but David and Rick had aligned with Kama Six leaders Eric and Ron for long-term safety.

Reward challenge: Divided into two teams of six, four teammates swam out to a platform to retrieve two sets of wooden puzzle pieces and brought them to shore, where the two remaining teammates used them to solve a puzzle. The first team to solve their puzzle won a reward of Chinese takeout.

The team of Aurora, Eric, Julia, Rick, Wardog and Victoria won the reward. Back at camp, David agreed to reunite with Kelley's alliance, but Rick — upset over having been voted out by them on the Lesu tribe — refused to do so, preferring to stick with the Kama group. At the Edge of Extinction, a coded note led Aubry to two advantages: a pole with rope as practice for the next reentry challenge, and an extra vote to assign to another player.

Immunity challenge: Castaways stood on a wooden frame, balancing a block between their head and the top of the frame without the assistance of their hands. The last contestant with their block remaining won immunity.

When only Aurora, Victoria and Lauren remained, Lauren fainted. While the medical team checked on Lauren, Aurora tried to negotiate with Victoria for safety after the Kama Six's betrayal, but was rebuked by her tribemates for doing so while Lauren was unconscious. Lauren recovered, and Aurora won the challenge. Back at camp, Aurora found the extra vote that Aubry had secretly gifted her. The Kama Six (with Aurora, David and Rick) planned to split the votes between Lauren and Kelley, but Wardog spoke with Gavin and Julia about Eric and Ron's deal with David and Rick, claiming that Eric and Ron were keeping around David and Rick as allies for when the Kama Six had to turn on each other. A suspicious Julia talked to Eric about voting out David that night, but Eric's refusal prompted her, Gavin and Victoria to consider turning on Eric and Ron. At Tribal Council, Rick joined the Kama plan to split the votes between Lauren and Kelley, but Aurora, Gavin, Julia and Victoria voted with Kelley's alliance plus David to blindside Eric, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 6

The day after the joint Tribal Council, the tribes were merged and the Edge of Extinction was officially revealed. The six extinct castaways arrived to compete in a challenge to return to the game. Keith used his advantage to penalize Chris during the challenge, giving him 30 knots to untie before completing the final part of the challenge.

Edge of Extinction challenge: The competitors raced through an obstacle course to untie a bag with bamboo and twine, which they used to create a pole long enough to retrieve a key through a gate. Once through, they navigated a ball up a vertical maze. The first player to get their ball to the top of the maze returned to the game.

Rick won the challenge and returned to the game. After the merged tribe, Vata, departed for a celebratory feast, the extinct castaways were given the chance to return to the Edge of Extinction to await a second reentry challenge. All five castaways took the offer but, back at the Edge, Keith and Wendy decided to raise the mast and quit the game. For winning the reentry challenge, Rick secretly earned two halves of a powerless hidden immunity idol; he was to give one half to another player and, if both players remained in the game following the next Tribal Council, the idol would gain its power. He gave one half to David, his closest ally. Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog tried to permeate the Kama majority by targeting Rick again; Aurora and Joe — the Kama minority alliance — were open to Kelley's plan, but Julie was appalled by the cruelty of sending Rick back to the Edge.

Immunity challenge: Castaways held a vertical pole over their head with a tiki statue at the end, while standing on a narrow beam. Every few minutes, the castaways stepped forward to a narrower part of their beam. Castaways were eliminated if they fell off the beam or dropped their statue; the last player remaining won immunity.

Julie outlasted Lauren and Joe to win immunity. Back at camp, Julie targeted Kelley and told Rick about Kelley's plan. Ron asked Joe about that night's target, but Joe's vague answers frightened Ron. Ron then approached his Kama Six alliance about targeting Joe for being a physical threat. At Tribal Council, the remaining extinct castaways were revealed as jurors for the final Tribal Council. Joe and Kelley's alliances split their votes between David and Rick while David and Rick voted against Kelley, but the Kama Six decided to blindside Joe, who went to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 5

Reward challenge: The tribes ran through an obstacle course and retrieved four bolas. The first tribe to throw all four bolas on their post won peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, extra condiments, bread and milk, while the second tribe to do so won a plate of sandwiches.

Kama and Manu won the challenge. At Kama, Joe continued to provide for the tribe, which made Ron reconsider the plan to eliminate him. At Manu, the majority alliance of Eric, Gavin, and Victoria decided to target Aubry first over Wendy; Victoria then pretended to align with Aubry and Wendy against the men. Though David was the obvious target on Lesu, Wardog tried to convince Kelley to eliminate Lauren, her closest ally, for her illness. At the Edge of Extinction, the castaways found coded maps that led to a pair of advantages. After Rick deciphered the map, the quartet decided to explore together after eating, but Keith snuck off to try and claim the advantages for himself. The others eventually caught up to him; Chris wrestled Keith to claim one advantage, while Rick found the second. Chris's advantage gave him a series of planks and twine as "practice" for an upcoming challenge to reenter the game, while Rick's advantage gave him the power to anonymously send an extra vote to a member of the tribe attending the next Tribal Council.

Immunity challenge: Tribemates dove into the water to retrieve two puzzle pieces before loading them onto a pontoon. Once the pontoon was ashore, castaways used the pieces to build a pyramid-shaped puzzle. The first two tribes to build their puzzle won immunity.

Kama placed first, while Lesu came from behind to win their first-ever immunity challenge. Rick secretly sent the extra vote advantage to Aubry, which she found in her bag before Tribal Council. Aubry discussed blindsiding one of the men with Victoria and Wendy, but Wendy was reluctant to commit to a plan. At Tribal Council, Aubry voted against Wendy, but was blindsided by the rest of her tribe, being voted out without playing her idol or extra vote; she chose to go to the Edge of Extinction.

Reward challenge: Castaways jumped over a series of tables to a pile of large sandbags, which they searched through to find a lever. Pulling the lever released sixty smaller sandbags. They then used the sandbags to unspool two targets, raising flags. The first tribe to raise both flags won coffee and pastries, while the second tribe to do so won coffee and cookies.

Kama placed first and Manu placed second. At Kama, Joe lamented the elimination of fellow returning player Aubry, and feared that he was next. At Lesu, Wardog continued to campaign against Lauren, but Kelley was frustrated with his constant scheming. At the Edge of Extinction, the castaways received another coded map, which Rick again deciphered. Reem and Keith found him looking in the ocean; Reem spotted the advantage, which Keith retrieved. The advantage allowed Keith to penalize another castaway during the upcoming reentry challenge. Chris remarked about Reem letting Keith grab the advantage, which led to Reem yelling at Chris.

Immunity challenge: Tribes raced through an obstacle course while maneuvering a bag along a rope, and then threw a monkey's fist through a hoop to release a gate. Once through the gate, two tribemates solved a slide puzzle. The first tribe to solve the puzzle won immunity, sending the other two tribes to Tribal Council.

Kama won the challenge, sending Lesu and Manu to a joint Tribal Council to eliminate a single castaway. Manu plotted to convince David to join their side to avoid a deadlock tie. At Lesu, Wardog suggested targeting Wendy in hopes that her tribemates would not risk going to a lottery tiebreaker to save her, though Kelley and Lauren were again frustrated by Wardog's refusal to listen to anyone else's ideas. The Lesu members looked for the hidden immunity idol, which Kelley found and shared with Lauren, who in turn told Kelley about her own idol. At Tribal Council, Manu voted against Lauren while Lesu voted against Wendy, and the votes were tied. Before the tiebreaker ballot, Eric, Gavin, and Victoria conferred with Lesu and decided to band together, unanimously eliminating Wendy on the revote. Wendy went to the Edge of Extinction; the following morning, the extinct castaways were instructed to board a boat to return to the game.

Recap Episode 4

At the Edge of Extinction, Chris was confronted by Reem and Keith, both of whom he helped vote out, but he later earned their respect by catching fish. At Manu, everyone decided that Wendy was the next target, while Wendy returned the flint but continued conspiring to release the chickens. That day, the remaining players were swapped into three new tribes: Aurora, Joe, Julia, Julie and Ron remained on Kama; Aubry, Eric, Gavin and Victoria joined Wendy on Manu; while the rest of Manu—David, Kelley, Lauren, Rick and Wardog—became the new Lesu tribe, having to build a new camp from scratch.

At Kama, Aurora and Joe tried to form a majority alliance with Ron, but Ron instead conspired with Julia to search through Joe's bag to confirm he didn't have a hidden immunity idol. At Manu, Wendy told her new tribemates everything about her former tribe, and then released the chickens, much to everyone else's frustration. At Lesu, Lauren fell ill and stopped eating.

Immunity challenge: The tribes scaled two large A-frames, and then pulled on rope to release a box of puzzle pieces. Two tribemates then used the pieces to solve a puzzle. The first two tribes to solve the puzzle won immunity.

Kama and Manu won the challenge. Back at camp, Lauren and Kelley targeted Rick for being the most likely to ingratiate himself with the other tribe after the merge, while David and Rick targeted Lauren for her sickness. Wardog was the swing vote; at Tribal Council, he joined Lauren and Kelley to eliminate Rick, who took the offer to go to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 3

At the Edge of Extinction, Keith and Reem reunited. The next morning, they followed a map up a long set of stairs to find a day's worth of rice, and realized that they would have to make the climb daily to get food.

Reward challenge: Tribemates assembled a wheelbarrow and then navigated it through an obstacle course while collecting sandbags. They then reassembled the wheelbarrow into a slingshot, and used the sandbags to hit a series of targets. The first tribe to knock down all four of their targets won either luxury items or chickens.

Despite Wendy injuring her ankle during the challenge, Manu won their first challenge and chose the chickens. Back at camp, Wendy conspired to set the chickens free but was sidelined due to her injury. At Kama, the new players minus Aurora aligned against Aurora, Aubry and Joe, but Aubry found the tribe's hidden immunity idol.

Immunity challenge: Four players per tribe pulled three tribemates in a boat, who retrieved keys from a tower. At shore, they used the keys to unlock a three-stage ship's wheel puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle won immunity.

Kama won the challenge. At Manu, Wendy hid the tribe's flint to prevent her tribemates from cooking the chickens. While Kelley, Lauren and Wardog targeted Wendy, David and Rick decided to blindside Kelley instead, and recruited Chris and Wendy. With the majority secured, David told Chris not to tell his ally Wardog about the plan, but Chris did anyway, which prompted Wardog to target Chris instead for his disloyalty. David and Rick considered joining Wardog's plan and, at Tribal Council, decided to vote Chris out; Chris then took the opportunity to head to the Edge of Extinction.

Recap Episode 2

At the Edge of Extinction, Reem explored the barren locale. At Manu, Wendy — Reem's closest ally — continued to campaign against Kelley, while David and Rick aligned, and considered joining Wendy's plan against Kelley. Kelley then led an open hunt for the hidden immunity idol in order to prevent Wendy from finding it; Lauren — Kelley's closest ally – found the idol but kept it a secret from the rest of her tribe, including Kelley. At Kama, Aubry tried bonding with the new players, but Julia, Ron and Victoria found her attempts disingenuous. Julie later tried leading Julia and Victoria on a hidden immunity idol search in order to improve the gender balance regarding idol finds.

Reward/Immunity challenge: Castaways swam out toward a cage to retrieve a 400-pound snake filled with numbered discs. Once the snake was brought back to shore, another tribemate used the discs to solve a combination lock and unlock eight rings; castaways then tossed rings onto a series of eight paddles. The first tribe to have rings on all paddles, in order, won immunity and their choice of cooking gear or fishing gear.

After Keith struggled with swimming and tossing the rings for Manu, Kama won the challenge and chose the fishing gear. At Manu, Kelley and Wendy continued to target the other. Keith pledged his loyalty to Chris, which convinced Chris to join David, Rick and Wendy against Kelley, but Wardog proposed getting rid of Keith to keep the tribe strong. At Tribal Council, the tribe stayed united to vote out Keith. After his elimination, Keith struggled to make a decision about remaining in the game, while Reem considered quitting on Edge of Extinction due to the isolation.

Recap Episode 1

Week 1: Fourteen new players and four returning players were divided into two tribes of nine: Kama, composed of Aurora, Eric, Gavin, Julia, Julie, Ron, Victoria and returnees Aubry and Joe; and Manu, composed of Chris, Keith, Lauren, Reem, Rick, Wardog, Wendy and returnees David and Kelley. The tribes were given a few minutes to retrieve supplies off a boat before paddling to their camps; Keith struggled with swimming, while Ron found a secret advantage. At camp, Ron followed the clue to an "Advantage Menu", giving him the choice of one of three advantages, to be used at any point until after the third Tribal Council: the ability to steal the other tribe's reward; an extra vote; or individual immunity at Tribal Council.

At Kama, Joe earned his tribe mates' admiration, particularly Aurora's, by making fire without flint. Eric and Gavin bonded over a desire to eliminate the returning players, and targeted Aubry. At Manu, Kelley and Lauren bonded. Reem bonded with Keith and Wendy, but the rest of her tribe mates were frustrated by her micromanaging; while Reem and Wendy helped teach Keith to swim, the rest of the tribe aligned against them.

Reward/immunity challenge: The tribes ran through an obstacle course, after which six tribe mates solved a large slide puzzle. The first tribe to solve the puzzle won immunity and flint.

Kama won the challenge. At Manu, Reem targeted Kelley and Lauren for being an obvious pair, but her overbearing attitude made Keith decide to turn on Reem and Wendy. At Tribal Council, Reem became confrontational, and the tribe split the votes between Reem and Wendy, with Reem becoming the first player voted out of the game. After her elimination, Reem was given an opportunity to remain in the game; she accepted the offer, and was sent to Extinction Island.