Survivor Who's Left

Current Season: 40 - Winners at War

Who are the remaining survivor contestants? Below is a list of who's left on the Survivor island.
(As of 2/20/2020)

Here are the past winners that will be competing on Survivor: Winners at War:

Survivor: Winners at War is the upcoming fortieth season of the American competitive reality television series Survivor, that airs on CBS in the United States and Global in Canada. The season filmed in May–June 2019 and will feature twenty returning winners from previous Survivor seasons to celebrate the show's twentieth anniversary. It will premiere on February 12, 2020. This will be the eighth consecutive season (a record ninth overall) to be filmed in Fiji.

The season's theme and players were announced during the Survivor: Island of the Idols's finale on December 18, 2019. It announced that this season would consist of twenty winners from past Survivor seasons.

The Edge of Extinction, introduced in the show's thirty-eighth season, returns for this season with the same rules and premise. The winner will receive two million dollars, making it the most expensive prize ever given out in Survivor, and reality TV, history.

An additional twist, a form of currency called "fire tokens," allows players to purchase items, food, and advantages.

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Who was voted off the Island on Survivor Season: 40 - Winners at War

Unknown - show first airs on February 12, 2020.

Natalie Anderson is still on the Island for Survivor Winners at WarNatalie Anderson
Voted off in 1st Tribal
Amber Mariano is still on the Island for Survivor Winners at WarAmber Mariano
Voted off in 2nd Tribal
Danni Boatwright is still on the Island for Survivor Winners at WarDanni Boatwright
Voted off in 3rd Tribal

This website was designed and created for the sole purpose of letting people know quickly and easily who is left on the Survivor TV show. After several searches on Google I found there wasn't an easy way to tell which contestants on survivor still remained on the island! So I took it upon myself to create one.

I'm not trying to undermine CBS, I love the show Survivor, it's just that there was no fast and simple way to find out who is gone from the Survivor Island and who is not.

Recap Episode 1

20 returning winners arrived in Fiji to play an All-Winners season of Survivor. The two tribes of 10 (Dakal in red and Sele in blue) were informed that the grand prize this season would be $2 Million, and that the Edge of Extinction was in play. Lastly, Jeff introduced the Fire Tokens to the cast, where at their camps the tribes found out they could use their fire tokens to buy advantages and luxury items whenever they were at challenges.

After Sele's loss at the immunity challenge, Rob and Parvati found themselves as an unlikely duo. The new school players scrambled to put out a name, with Adam and Denise's early separation looking for water putting a target on their back. When Ben approached Rob for strategy talk, he spilled that Danni had suggested Rob as one of the options. Rob confronted Danni and roped her into an old school alliance with Ethan, Parvati and himself when she revealed the truth. When Adam found out that Denise and himself were targets, he tried to shift the target onto players with previous relationships like Natalie and Jeremy, as they first met in San Juan del Sur. While the tribe scrambled before Tribal Council, Rob and Parvati found themselves dumbfounded that they were not the targets.

At Tribal Council, Denise and Adam pushed for prior relationships to be targeted over second-time players. Eventually, a majority of the old school alliance decided to send Natalie to the Edge to split up her and Jeremy. As Natalie left Tribal Council she chose to bequeath her fire token to Jeremy. During her first day on the Edge, Natalie received an advantage and luxury item menu and was informed of finding ways to earn new fire tokens. Following a clue left by the Edge Sail, she discovered a hidden immunity idol that works for the next three Tribal Councils, which she could sell to anyone on the losing tribe.

The first two days were relaxing for Dakal, with Sandra and Tony patching things up from Game Changers, and Yul and Sophie gathering other first-time returners into a group. After the immunity challenge loss on Day 3, Yul and Sophie started gathering the former Game Changers trio (Sandra, Sarah, and Tony) to target Amber, Kim, and Tyson. Sandra discovered an offer for an idol had appeared in her belongings for a fire token, which she accepted under the impression that Natalie had made the offer from the Edge. Prior to the season, Tyson, Rob, Jeremy, and Kim had played in a televised Poker tournament with Tyson casually suggesting an alliance if the four of them were playing Survivor again. Kim and Amber felt overwhelmed by the pace of the game already, with Kim shocked to find herself being actively left out of strategic talk by the majority of Dakal. At Tribal Council, all three tried to convince the tribe that there was no Poker Alliance in the game, with Amber and Kim trying to convince others to take out Nick for being the most recent winner. It was to no avail, with the disconnected players and the Game Changers voting Amber out and sending her to the Edge in fear of her husband, Rob, over at Sele. Before arriving to the Edge, Amber chose to bequeath her fire token to Rob.